Embedded System Software


  • Class hours: 09:30 - 10:45 (Tue/Thr)
  • Location: 301-302
  • Office hours: 11:00 - 11:30 (Tue/Thr)


Teaching Assistant

  • Name: Yongshik Moon
  • E-mail: ysmoon@redwood.snu.ac.kr
  • Tel.: 02-880-8370
  • Office location: 301-853-3


  • Objectives

  • This course teaches students theory and practice involved in embedded software design. It first introduces the concepts of embedded and real-time systems and various real-time scheduling problems. It then touches on real-time operating systems including popular Linux and domain specific OSEK. In particular, it studies the internal design of Linux. It goes on covering technical topics related distributed computing such as socket programming, Sun RPC, RMI and component-based distributed computing.
    Students are requested to read papers from the reading list in advance to the class and to present a selected subset of papers from the reading list. Students are requested to submit a term paper and a term project.

  • Prerequisites: Operating Systems, Computer Architecture

  • Weekly schedule

    1. Introduction to real-time operating systems
    2. Introduction to embedded and real-time systems
    3. Real-time scheduling algorithms
    4. Distributed comptuing - message passing
    5. Distributed comptuing - RPC
    6. Distributed comptuing - RMI
    7. Distributed comptuing - Component-based computing
    8. Distributed computing - Case study
    9. QoS scheduling  /  Midterm Exam
    10. Linux internal
    11. Linux internal
    12. Linux internal
    13. Software platforms - Google's Android
    14. Software platforms - AUTOSAR
    15. Term paper presentation  /  Final Exam
  • Grading
    Midterm Exam 00%
    Final Exam 00%

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